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“Either Way”: A Kaleidoscope of Emotions Under Marissa Burwell’s Enchanting Lens


In the dimly lit corners of the musical universe, where raw talent converges with evocative storytelling, Marissa Burwell has unfurled a tapestry of intricate tales and tender melodies in her newest EP, “Either Way”. The Saskatchewan-born indie act, who once wooed us with “Bittersweet” in 2022, has returned with a creation that feels both familiar and brand new.

From the first note, there’s an inviting warmth, like the caress of an old friend’s hand or the crackle of a vinyl from another era. Yet, as you dive deeper into Burwell’s narrative sea, you’ll discover that every song is a unique shade, each capturing a fleeting moment or feeling.

Imagine wandering the empty, echoing corridors of Burwell’s memories. “The songs on this EP were written through different points of reflection,” she divulges. As listeners, we’re granted entry into these sacred sanctums, from the eye of the storm to the city centre’s resurrection. It’s as if we’re traversing the pages of a diary, yet every confession feels intimately our own.

“Coward”, the EP’s lead single, feels like the soft flutter of a moth against a candle flame. With every vulnerable confession, Burwell seems to grapple with her own tongue-tied spirit. It’s a lament, a sigh, and an acceptance all at once.

In “Kiss Her”, a shimmering canvas painted with strokes reminiscent of Hannah Cohen, Burwell challenges the norms that bind and constrict, declaring the audacity of love in its purest, unadulterated form. With Lana Winterhalt’s ethereal harmonies and clarinet notes floating gently by, one can almost taste the bittersweet tang of longing and defiance.

“You’re Not Trying Very Hard” feels like a slow dance with a ghost; the haunting fear of desires unreciprocated. It’s the kind of tune that would play in a dimly-lit jazz bar, where love, loss, and liquor intertwine. And then there’s the title track, “Either Way”. With every note, Burwell stands at life’s crossroads, deliberating choices and what-ifs, her voice a silken thread weaving through the complexities of hope, healing, and love.

Teaming up with Madison Nicol and Chris Dimas, and with the melodies of fellow Regina musicians Tom Duffy and Lana Winterhalt, Burwell has fashioned an EP that’s both a reflection and a revelation. The influences of Hannah Cohen and Haley Blais pulse beneath the surface, but this creation is unmistakably Burwell – honest, raw, and achingly beautiful.

In the end, “Either Way” is a heartfelt embrace, a whispered secret, and a journey through the multifaceted realms of the human heart. Each song is an invitation – to reflect, to remember, and most of all, to feel. And in Marissa Burwell’s world, feeling is everything.