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Streetfighter by The Amazing

After a five-year break, the Swedish indie rock band The Amazing is back with a new single called “Streetfighter.” The song is a bit of a departure from their usual style, blending their signature psych-folk-rock sound with elements of pop and psychedelia. It’s like they’ve taken what fans love about them and added a new twist.

The Amazing has been around for fifteen years and is known for their unique, atmospheric sound. The band, led by Christoffer Gunrup and Reine Fiske, has always been a bit reclusive, preferring to let their music do the talking. And it’s worked for them. They’ve earned high praise from major publications and even have a celebrity fan in Ricky Gervais. They’ve toured with big names like Tame Impala and have even performed on the David Letterman show.

So what can we expect next? If “Streetfighter” is any indication, their upcoming album will be both a nod to their past and a look to the future. It’s clear that The Amazing is a band that knows how to evolve without losing sight of what makes them special.

Don’t worry about why it took them so long to come back. Just be glad they did. “Streetfighter” shows that they’re still at the top of their game, and sometimes good things really are worth the wait.