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The Best by Movie Night

A Heart-Pounding Blend of Alt Rock and Emo Anthems

Movie Night’s latest single “The Best” is an exhilarating journey through the tumultuous landscapes of love and decision-making. Movie Night, the New York City pop/rock trio consisting of Mike Squillante (guitar/vocals), Nick Squillante (keys), and Steve Ranellone (drums), has crafted a track that is a perfect amalgamation of Alternative Rock, Alt Pop, and Pop Rock.

One of the most striking features of “The Best” is its chorus which creates an unexpected turn in the melody that is not just surprising; it’s unforgettable. The song is an ever-shifting kaleidoscope of scene changes and dynamics, making for an engaging and thrilling listening experience. The moods of the track are energetically romantic yet moody, reminiscent of bands like Drive!Drive!, Heart Of Gold, BOYS LIKE GIRLS, and Yellowcard.

The lyrical depth of “The Best” is profound. It portrays a relationship teetering on the edge – a choice between what is right and what is easy. The song’s opening, with its walls-down plea through an AM radio verse, transforms into a high-fidelity emo anthem. It speaks of heartbreak as a companion, capturing the essence of being ‘bad for each other in the best way.’

This track has already proven its mettle, being crowd-tested and approved in a range of venues, from intimate rooms to arenas, while opening for artists like Yung Gravy, Tai Verdes, & American Authors. Its popularity after shows is a testament to its visceral impact on listeners.

Movie Night, formerly known as Running Lights, has rebranded with fresh, invigorating songs. Their collaboration with Grammy-nominated multi-platinum producer William Wiik Larsen adds a layer of refined production quality to their music. Their sold-out shows at venues like Rockwood Music Hall and Gramercy Theatre in NYC speak volumes of their growing popularity.

Their significant presence on TikTok, with over 125K followers, and their experience sharing bills with notable artists like American Authors, Offset, and Tai Verdes, further solidify their place in the music scene.

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