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The Great Nothing by Suiix

There is something mesmerizing and beautiful to be found in The Great Nothing, the first single of Australian project Suiix‘s debut album. It is a Great Something. It’s like falling into someone else’s dream, both sonically and visually. This is dream pop at its dreamiest, loveliest, and most articulate.

What began as Australian musician Sarah Julienne‘s solo project has become a four-piece band, adding members Kristjan Blade Garcia Lamerton (guitar), Mitchell Sloan (drums) and Aroha Smith (bass). The soundscape is tended with attention and care. Every sound, every pulse, every moment is saturated with mood and meaning. The dreamy ambiance grows subtly and steadily on a vine of slowly growing digital pulses, loops, textures and vintage synthesizers. It feels alive, organic, transformative. Sarah Julienne‘s ethereal vocals bud and blossom in their warm, muted hues. Fading into the dreamy warmth, feeling safe and surrendered, you’re woken with deep, raw expressions of electric guitar. The dream turns a corner and fades into a darker and more obscured landscape, a place of anxious unknowns. This piece is brilliant both sonically and conceptually. I am intrigued in both body and mind.

Mind and hands behind the video, director Luke Fuller‘s interpretation expresses in imagery the blurred, mysterious, and obscured experience of our dream worlds. Filmed in the bushland of New South Wales with minimal equipment, the footage was then edited and molded by Brenton Cassidy into a final piece.

And if all that fails to impress, Suiix has a loyal fan in Henry Rollins (musician, activist, and regular columnist for Rolling Stone Australia). Suiix had the honor of being hand-picked for a feature on his KCRW radio show.

All great reasons to check out The Great Nothing by Suiix. It’s a dream that will wake you up.