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The Homecoming Dance by The Motion Epic

The Homecoming Dance is lyrically inspired by the Back to the Future’s Enchantment Under the Sea Dance scene and Stranger Things’ Snowball Dance – where Mike and Eleven kiss for the first time. I always wanted to write a song inspired by those scenes that are so emotional and sentimental. This song is it’s own fairy tale. It tells the story of two individuals who met back in high school and never really pursued their interest in each other. Fast forward many years later, they cross paths again. Told from the male perspective, he expresses his love for her and begs for the opportunity to take her back to their old high school and ask the janitor to turn on those gymnasium lights so they could have the dance he missed out on taking her to back when they were kids.

The Motion Epic

The Motion Epic is a Synth-Pop/Retrowave Project by Singer/Songwriter Pat DiMeo. Produced by Dre K of Kingsway Studios.