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There’s Nothing Quite Like Missing You (Connecticut Welcome Center) by Granite to Glass

This song is all mesmerizing and grand, and laudably intense; this song is sullen, deeply darkened, intimately downhearted, and circling in an almost forever lostness. Being written about a lost love, who died suddenly; I am really in awe of the creative interpretation and delivery on this track, “There’s Nothing Quite Like Missing You (Connecticut Welcome Center).”

The mix is fantastic, pushing the vocal so close to the mic, hearing the breath, feeling this undercurrent building in the vocalist, Jon Kohen’s tone. The guitar playing is nicely complementary, but the beauty in the track really comes from the orchestration which features Jen Ho (violin) and Gavin Hsu (cello). The band is rounded out with Jesse French, jazz multi-instrumentalist Neal Rosenthal, and percussionist Sam Parsons.

This is a close, personal sound akin to Sufjan Stevens and Elliott Smith. There is passion here, along with damn good songwrting.