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Austin Texas, producer/songwriter Aetev has graced us with this new transient attacking track. The project of Slade McBride, Aetev has reached into the depths and pulled out a gem of a tune. The transitions and voicings in the track are next level. I appreciate the attention to beat and the layers of melody that cut in and out across the song.

There is a sense of depth, of loss, a brooding that is flowing through the song. This passion hits us with a transient female vocal, played by Michelle Soto. Soto is a vocalist and guitarist from the band Blushing. Ultimately the melody that flows on this intense backbeat is very addictive.

The ending wraps up with a very chill groove. This is much more synthetic than the grit that really plays well in the rest of the tune. I keep hearing a bit of NIN in the track, perhaps an homage to Reznor. However, the melody and electronics are in my opinion more fluid and showcase more depth.