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pitboss cecil frena featured on IMR

Titan by Cecil Frena

Frena is a bit of an enigma to me. He popped up on the radar a few years ago touring and recording with the band name Gobble, Gobble and then later to Born Gold. Cecil has been around the block, touring and performing for the better half of a decade.

This track, Titan, seems to be more of a call to his youth. There is a great article, that shares a little Q&A with Frena and presents itself to the reader as a wonderful snapshot in the life of this Canadian post-punk rocker.

Titan is a fantastic screamo track, similar to some early Comeback Kid, or other contemporary tunes. The jangly guitars are sharp and punchy. The vocals are powerful and not to growly. Frena has a great sound on this track and I encourage you to try and capture this passion with him.