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If I’m a Bird by A. Harlana

Brooklyn’s eclectic folksy singer-songwriter Juno Roome, aka a.harlana is setting sparks with this new track. Fantastic falsetto in the air of Pedro the Lion’s frontman David Bezan. I hear this as a softer voice, but equally wonderful.

There are lots of fun little idiosyncratic similarities to other cabin-pop singers Bon Iver or Novo Amor. The song starts so soft and builds into a much more robust and cinematic track. The vocals are passionate and the delivery is mesmerizing while I love the instrumentation all around. This song moves from plucky guitar playfulness to a “Sufjan” style full band wall of sound (all decked out in butterfly régalien) at its climax.

Ultimately this track is very spacious, and can take the listener on quite an adventure; both instrumentally and lyrically.