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Tree at the Centre of the Forest by Porcelain Doll

Porcelain Doll, the indie rock band that made waves with their debut EP “All In My Head (Side A)” in 2022, is back with a fresh, energetic, and emotionally charged release. Their second EP, “All In My Head (Side B),” is set to hit digital platforms on June 2, 2023. The band’s signature blend of captivating vocals, fuzzy guitar, and impactful drums is once again at the forefront, with the opening track “Tree at the Centre of the Forest” setting the tone for the entire EP.

“Tree at the Centre of the Forest” is an ethereal track that immediately draws listeners in with its shimmery guitar and minimalist drums. The song’s lyrics weave a fairy tale-like narrative of solitude and self-protection, with the central character choosing to isolate themselves in the heart of a forest to avoid the potential pain inflicted by others. This narrative is brought to life by Freja’s dreamy vocals, which float above the instrumentals like a gentle breeze rustling through the leaves of the titular tree. The song’s choruses introduce heavier guitar and bass elements, creating a grungy “loud-quiet-loud” effect that mirrors the emotional turmoil of the song’s protagonist.

Following “Tree at the Centre of the Forest” is “Butterflies,” a track that bursts into life with punchy guitar chords and a robust drumbeat. The song’s big, driving chorus and hooky melody make it an instantly memorable addition to the EP. “Spirals” is the next track, characterized by a spiralling guitar line that serves as the backbone of the song. Freja’s lyrics about her struggles with obsessive thoughts resonate deeply, making “Spirals” a relatable anthem for anyone grappling with anxiety.

The EP concludes with “Not The End,” a track that starts with a gentle, reverb-laden guitar and soft vocals. As the song progresses, the drums gradually build from sparse and soft to loud and crashing. Layered backing vocals and a phase-y, thumping bass riff eventually kick in, bringing the song to its powerful crescendo. This track showcases Porcelain Doll’s ability to craft songs that evolve and grow, much like the band itself.

Discussing the EP, Freja shares, “This EP follows on from our first with lyrical themes of dating, depression, and anxiety. However, we have continued to grow and improve since our first release, and I think you can hear where we have become more confident in the band’s sound.”

Since their debut, Porcelain Doll has seen their songs “Space Boy” and “Disconnect” receive airplay on BBC Introducing. They’ve also garnered praise from various publications, including Boot Music, Teco Apple, and Hot Vox. With “All In My Head (Side B),” Porcelain Doll continues to demonstrate their musical growth and evolution, solidifying their place in the indie rock scene. The EP’s opening track, “Tree at the Centre of the Forest,” serves as a testament to the band’s ability to blend captivating storytelling with their unique musical style, promising an immersive listening experience for fans and new listeners alike.