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Virens’ Debut EP “Couples Therapy”: A Deep Dive into Love and Relationships


Virens, an indie pop duo from the UK, has made a significant splash in the music scene with their debut EP “Couples Therapy”. Born out of an unexpected lockdown love between an actress from Birmingham and a songwriter from Bexhill, the EP discusses the trials and tribulations of being in a relationship. The project, entirely self-funded, was produced by Fyfe at Park Studios and mastered by Kevin Tuffy at Man Made Mastering.

Virens’ debut EP “Couples Therapy” is a journey through the human heart, a path that listeners will find both familiar and refreshingly new. It’s a testament to Virens’ talent and potential, and a promise of the great things to come.


If you’re drawn to the profound and introspective lyricism of Big Thief, you’ll find a similar depth in Virens’ narratives. Their songs are like open journals, filled with raw emotions and experiences that resonate with listeners. Just as Big Thief’s music is a journey into the human condition, Virens’ tracks are explorations of love and relationships, each one a chapter in their own story.

The EP’s third single, “Submitted To Sin”, is a standout track. It’s a raw and bittersweet journey that explores a broken relationship beyond repair. If you appreciate the intricate tales of love and loss woven by Laura Marling, you’ll find a similar richness in Virens’ music. Delicate guitars interlock with raw duel vocals, creating a vulnerable and intimate listening experience. The sheer emotion and heart poured into every facet of the sound captivate listeners and pull on their heartstrings. Virens’ songs are tapestries of emotion, each thread a testament to the trials and tribulations of relationships. Just as Marling’s music tells stories, Virens’ tracks are narratives, each one a chapter in their own story of love and loss.

Virens isn’t afraid to delve into the darker corners of the human heart. Their songs explore the trials and tribulations of relationships, painting poignant pictures of love, loss, and longing. There are raw emotional narratives billowing up through their music that echo the honesty and vulnerability that artist’s like Phoebe Bridgers are known for. While the poignant duets in Virens’ entwined vocals blend together in perfect harmony, creating a sound that is both powerful and delicate. 

Standing Out

“Salut!” is a testament to Virens’ exceptional musical arrangement skills. The track begins with a simple, divine acoustic guitar that sets the stage for the duo’s harmonious vocals. As the song progresses, the arrangement subtly builds, adding layers of instrumentation that enhance the emotional depth of the song without overpowering the raw honesty of the lyrics. The duo’s ability to balance simplicity and complexity in their arrangements is a key aspect of their unique sound. The song is a beautiful exploration of love and longing, with the duo’s entwined vocals adding a deeply personal touch to the narrative.

Virens’ reworking of “Don’t You Want Me” by Human League is nothing short of stunning. The duo has taken a popular 80s song and transformed it into a romantic, theatrical masterpiece. The original synth-pop vibe of the song has been replaced with a more stripped-down, acoustic sound that allows the duo’s entwined vocals to shine. Their interpretation of the song is both respectful of the original and innovative in its approach. The overwhelming emotion conveyed through their performance adds a new layer of depth to the song, making it a standout track in their repertoire.

These two tracks, “Salut!” and “Don’t You Want Me”, showcase Virens’ versatility as musicians and their ability to create deeply emotional and resonant music. Their unique interpretations and arrangements set them apart in the indie music scene, and their debut EP “Couples Therapy” is a testament to their talent and potential.

This EP is like a walk through a forest, filled with the sounds of nature and the echoes of entwined vocals. The duo’s harmonies intertwine like tree branches, creating a canopy of sound that provides both shade and light. Fans of Fleet Foxes will find a similar lushness in Virens’ soundscapes. Their tracks are like landscapes, filled with rolling hills of melody and rivers of harmony. The duo’s music is a journey through these landscapes, a path that winds through forests of emotion and fields of experience.

“Couples Therapy” is a testament to Virens’ ability to create endearing and earnest music that resonates with listeners. Their nuanced and thoughtful approach to songwriting, combined with their raw and emotive performances, make this EP a must-listen for anyone interested in indie pop music. The duo’s ability to discuss complex emotions and experiences in a relatable and engaging way is a testament to their talent and potential. With “Couples Therapy”, Virens has established themselves as a force to be reckoned with in the indie music scene.