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Vinyl and Whiskey a Listening party on IMR

Vinyl + Whiskey

Great music often evokes a good drink. Here's 3 albums that demand a nice whiskey.

I don’t think I can be honest with you or myself if I didn’t say that the idea of listening to these albums doesn’t feel so right when considering pairing this with a nice drink. There’s something very organic, and holistic when including a single malt or bourbon to this pleasure.

The goal of this article is to present 3 albums and a couple drink pairings that I believe take these to another level of enjoyment. This isn’t to say these aren’t just fine on their own. And no, you don’t need to get progressively more drunk to enjoy them, but there is something one can’t put into words.

The Weatherman

by Gregory Alan Isakov

Gregory Alan Isakov has taken us to a lush rooted environment for this 2013 album. This lesser known album is a fabulous listen in it’s own right. Like his most of his best work, this is an acoustic album with soft accompaniments, lovely harmonies and brilliant musicianship. This listen is best paired with an aromatic bourbon, a sipper, something with butterscotch notes and a touch of apple on the palate. I’d look for a Calumet Farm Bourbon, or St. Augustine. Either of these would do this album nicely. Kick your heels up on the porch railing and spin the black circle.

Strange Trails

by Lord Huron

This is a very eclectic album, rich in every way. Beautiful song structure, driving rhythms and balanced instrumentation. This album will truly take a few listens before you can capture the picture that songwriter Ben Schneider has pieced together.

This is my tweener, and I’d look toward a blended whiskey to complement these tracks, the obvious choice is the High West Campfire Whiskey.

Be sure to listen to “Meet Me in the Woods,” it’s fantastic. Also, take the time and check out the next two tracks sequentially, “The Yawning Grave” and “Frozen Pines.” Back to back these tracks are stellar!

Other Rivers

by Mathew And The Atlas

This album has some very penetrating tracks. Not a sipper, still introspective, but the beauty in this album are the melodies lying with Matt Hegarty’s baritone. I would begin to look for something smokey in my drink, perhaps something a little darker to go with the sensibilities of the album; Ardbeg Dark Cove if you can find it, otherwise perhaps the 8 year Lagavulin.