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Midlake - Photo by Bil Zelman
Midlake - Photo by Bil Zelman

The Trials of Van Occupanther by Midlake

I find myself listening to this album over and over again, due in part, to the rolling 70’s-esque guitar riffs, and the

yearning, melodic vocals of Tim Smith.  This is a symphony of folk rock that needs to be played over-and-over again to be truly appreciated. With so many moody undertones and hidden lyrical gems layered over driving rhythms.

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The track “Roscoe” jumps out, with an instant classic guitar riff that is reminiscent to a by-gone track on a Fleetwood Mac album.  Followed up with “Bandits” a  charmingly crafted ballad that gives an account of a robbery, not unlike Goldilocks stealing porridge from the 3 bears.  The guitar tone in the album’s solos are dreamy and rich, perfect complements to the seductive organ and vocal harmonies that are everywhere. “Head Home” is a perfect example of the guitar’s rich grainy tone during the guitar solo at the 2:50 mark.

Not a single track on this album is a miss. The roaming guitar choruses, paired melancholic aside estranged keyboard sections, which in themselves would be almost ridiculous, but together form an enchanting pair. This album is an absolute must have.

~ Jonahholliday

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