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Meet Catbear: the exciting synth-heavy indie alt-pop project making waves in the UK music scene.

CATBEAR is a dynamic indie alt-pop duo that creates infectious and uplifting music characterized by catchy melodies that will have you dancing and singing along in no time. This dynamic-duo crafts synth-heavy soundscapes with driving beats, bright guitars, and soaring vocals, creating an electrifying and empowering atmosphere.

CATBEAR’s music has a unique personality and style that sets them apart from their influences. They blend elements of synth-pop, electroclash, and indie rock to create a sound that is uniquely their own.

Their music is infused with indie-pop sensibilities and a DIY spirit, giving their songs a raw and unpolished quality that feels genuine and authentic. CATBEAR draws inspiration from various genres, including electroclash, synthwave, and dream pop. One of the artists whose sound is often compared to is M83, particularly in their song “Into the Light.” The song’s dreamy and ethereal quality is reminiscent of M83’s earlier work.

However, CATBEAR’s music has a unique personality and style that sets them apart from its influences. They blend elements of synth-pop, electroclash, and indie rock to create a sound that is uniquely their own.
Their music is infectious and will have you hooked from the first listen. Their songs are catchy, uplifting, and energetic, perfect for dancing or getting lost in the music. CATBEAR continues to push their sound in new and exciting directions with each new release, keeping its fans on their toes and leaving them eager for more.

While CATBEAR is a relatively new band, they have gained significant attention and positive reception in the music industry. They were named one of BBC Introducing’s “Ones to Watch” for 2022, a considerable achievement for emerging artists in the UK. They have also received support from influential tastemakers in the industry, such as Tom Robinson of BBC 6 Music.
In addition to critical acclaim, CATBEAR has also been recognized with several awards and accolades. They were recipients of the Help Musicians Do It Differently fund in 2020, which supported them in developing their live show and expanding their touring party to include all-female and non-binary musicians. As mentioned, they also received Arts Council and Help Musicians support for their 2023 UK tour. An experience to be noticed, and in 2023, CATBEAR opened for indie legends The Subways.
CATBEAR’s live shows are known for their high energy and inclusive atmosphere. In addition to their dynamic and powerful music, they prioritize diversity and representation on stage. As mentioned, their touring party consists of all-female/non-binary musicians, a deliberate effort to support and empower women and LGBTQ+ individuals in the music industry.

CATBEAR’s commitment to inclusivity extends beyond its own performances as well. They have been actively organizing and participating in events highlighting underrepresented voices in the music industry. For example, in 2019, they were part of the lineup for the London-based festival LOUD WOMEN Fest, which celebrates women and non-binary musicians in punk and alternative music.
Another interesting note about CATBEAR’s live shows is their use of visuals and lighting to enhance the experience. They often incorporate colourful and abstract projections that synchronize with their music, creating a multi-sensory experience that engages the audience on multiple levels. This attention to detail and creativity in their live performances further adds to their unique appeal and cements their reputation as a rising force in the indie alt-pop scene.

Their latest single, “I Choose Love,” is a dreamy and nostalgic sapphic anthem celebrating love and self-expression. The song mixes warm analogue synths, dreamy guitars, and pulsating basslines, creating a powerful and empowering sound that is uniquely CATBEAR.

CATBEAR’s music is a unique and exciting addition to the indie alt-pop scene, showcasing the power of DIY creativity and the importance of representation and diversity in music. Their music perfectly exemplifies how creativity and friendship can create something exceptional. They have become a prominent voice in the UK indie alt-pop scene and are well on their way to achieving even greater success and recognition in the future.