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Waiting For Rain by Hook Turns

Indie rock duo Hook Turns is a collaboration between Melbourne musicians Andrew Bonnici (ex-Khancoban, Taylor Project, The Bone Folders) and Andrew “Boogs” Alves (Clinkerfield, Miserable Little Bastards, Danny Walsh Banned, Galax). A vehicle for singer/songwriter Andrew Bonnici, the music interweaves melodic guitar hooks with atmospheric synthesizers and catchy melodies over pulsating drums to create what one reviewer describes as “Indie Rock Bliss”. They received some acclaim for their first record “Night Shift” released in 2016, described as having “all the makings of a classic” – custom made music, “an album that soothes the soul and captivates the heart with every well-placed note and melody. And that is a rare thing!” – jammerzine, “truly amazing songwriting” jps music blog. Now comes the release of their second self produced album “A Long Summer”, a more urgent musical journey, exploring dystopian themes and a fragile future. . The songs are inspired by much of the speculative dystopian fiction from the 60’s and 70′, from authors such as Ballard and Bradbury to the classic 1980’s Australian Sci Fi book by George Turner titled “Sea and the Summer”, a book about a future Melbourne that is underwater with it’s inhabitants struggling to muster an existence. “A Long Summer” is out now on New Falconer Records.