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Wasted Days by Margot & The Midnight Tenants

“Wasted Days” by Margot & The Midnight Tenants is not just a song; it’s an emotional journey. Recorded during the profound global pause that was the 2020 quarantine, the song encapsulates a universal sentiment of introspection and unexpected bursts of dormant emotions. Margot, having navigated through a personal grief of losing her mother during her high school years, brings a vulnerable rawness to her vocals that commands immediate attention.

From the very first chord struck, the song unveils an intimate narrative. Set against the backdrop of the pandemic, the song seems to emphasize the pain and profoundness of grief even amidst a global crisis. It’s almost as if Margot is reminding us that personal tragedies don’t wait for global ones to pass. This message resonates deeply, especially for those who faced personal losses during the pandemic.

The ensemble of The Midnight Tenants excels in translating Margot’s emotions into a compelling auditory experience. Daniel Bloch’s impeccable drumming sets the heartbeat of the song, while the harmonious interplay between Omer Berger, Noga Davidson, Micha Gilad, and Idan Morim creates an atmosphere that is simultaneously melancholic and uplifting. The inclusion of Masha Polishchuk on the violin adds a hauntingly beautiful layer, intertwining seamlessly with Margot’s narrative and further amplifying the emotive core of the track.

Recorded in a studio in Bushwick, Brooklyn, one can almost feel the grit, the rawness, and the authenticity that the location brings to the track. It’s like a confessional in the middle of a bustling city, where chaos meets quiet contemplation.

Margot & The Midnight Tenants, known for their alternative pop-rock ethos, usually infuse their songs with an energetic defiance. However, “Wasted Days” reveals their versatility. While they have thrown out the rule book in many ways, this track showcases their ability to wear their hearts on their sleeves.

In a world of overproduced anthems, “Wasted Days” stands out as an ode to genuine emotion, capturing the essence of grief, remembrance, and the beauty of cathartic expression. Whether you’ve personally faced grief or simply need a reminder of the power of raw storytelling in music, “Wasted Days” is a must-listen.