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What If I by Jodie Nicholson

A Melodic Inquiry into the Fears of Losing Sight

In the realm of indie music, where the lines between poetry and melody blur, Jodie Nicholson’s latest single, “What If I,” emerges as a beacon of introspective beauty. Released just six days ago, this track is not just a song; it’s an expedition into the heart of vulnerability, set against a backdrop of brooding chamber-pop and synth-laden alt-pop.

Ahead of her much-anticipated album ‘Safe Hands,’ Nicholson offers us a glimpse into her soul with “What If I.” The song stands as a quintessential example of Nicholson’s artistry, weaving a tapestry of emotional depth and sonic elegance. Its slow build and epic finale place it squarely between the introspective folk of Laura Marling and the expansive soundscapes of M83, offering listeners a mesmerizing blend of indie pop and dream pop.

The lyrics of “What If I” circle around the theme of fear—specifically, the fear of losing sight of someone important. Yet, beneath this, Nicholson touches on a more profound dread: the fear of losing sight of oneself and one’s passions amidst the pressures of life and the music industry. “What If I,” then, becomes more than just a personal confession; it is a universal question posed in the dead of night, a thought that circles endlessly without seeking an answer.

Nicholson’s ability to create music that resonates on multiple levels is evident in the meticulous production of “What If I.” Self-produced and recorded at Blank Studios in Newcastle, the track benefits from the expertise of Oli Deakin and Katie Tavini, whose mixing and mastering elevate the song to a stunning auditory experience. From the soft, electric guitar opening to the whirling synths and thumping drums that herald its finale, “What If I” captivates with its minimal alt-pop finesse and wistful melodies.

The artist’s reflection on the song’s genesis reveals the therapeutic nature of its creation. In navigating the complex web of expectations and pressures, Nicholson found solace in returning to the essence of her musical journey. “What If I” is not just a song; it’s a reminder to hold onto the core of what makes us passionate, even when the path ahead seems obscured by the maze of life.

Jodie Nicholson’s “What If I” is a musical exploration of fear, love, and the search for clarity. It invites listeners to ponder their own “What Ifs” while losing themselves in its ethereal beauty. As Nicholson prepares to share more of her journey through ‘Safe Hands,’ we’re reminded of the power of music to connect, to heal, and to question.

For those eager to experience Nicholson’s magic live, her upcoming tour promises to be an intimate journey through the landscapes she so beautifully crafts in her music. From Gateshead to Glasgow, each performance is set to be a testament to Nicholson’s evolving sound and her ability to captivate audiences with her vulnerability and artistry.

Live Dates:

18 MAY | Glasshouse ICM, Gateshead 

04 JUN | Hyde Park Book Club, Leeds

05 JUN | Lower Third, London 

06 JUN | Sunflower Lounge, Birmingham 

08 JUN | Crofter’s Rights, Bristol

09 JUN | Komedia, Brighton

11 JUN | YES (Basement), Manchester

12 JUN | SWG3 Poetry Club, Glasgow