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The National new single review on IMR

You Had Your Soul With You by The National

The National Release a New Single from the anticipated album I am Easy to Find.

Excited, yes.  The delivery of this track is nice and tight.  But there are surprises.  Most notably is the addition of vocalist Gail Ann Dorsey.  Dorsey is most recognized for her work with David Bowie. I think the track is generally interesting, after the initial spark, the tune holds the typical “National” sound, with some little playful experimentation on the breaks.

I really like how Jason Greene, the contributing editor from Pitchfork, puts it: “A non-Berninger voice on a National song feels like a coyote loose in a public park—how did it get here.” You can read the full review here.

I am looking forward to the new album/short film, I am Easy To Find, due out shortly.