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AOF by Vanessa Heins
AOF by Vanessa Heins

Familiar Drugs by Alexisonfire

Rockin' Sockin' Familiar new track by AOF

This isn’t a big change or some new flavor, inspired by the band’s maturity… this is just straight up having fun rocking out.  It’s been 10 years since the band released a new single, and I’m excited they did.  Believe me, I’ve spent a lot of energy watching AOF through the years, and the excitement of seeing them at it again is rather exhilarating.

Vocalists, Dallas and George are seriously the perfect complements to each other.  It’s like good cop, bad cop, with each other driving the track, like a jacked up truck driver making a midnight run. I can envision this set, I can see the show and believe me it’s good.  The guitars are thick and rich, nice low end and big tone. There are some instrumental sections behind the melody that is rather fun, otherwise, this is pretty much straight up and in your face.