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A Stranger’s Daydream by Blue Sails

Once upon a time, two brothers from Wisconsin discovered they could create kick-ass music together. Being in Wisconsin, USA and close to the middle of Nowhere, their love for songwriting led them to the countryside, where they built a music studio to house their creativity.

The brothers named themselves Blue Sails. They used for their songwriting their chosen and unusual mediums of Spanish-style nylon-stringed guitars, crisp funky basslines, dreamy rock guitar inflections, and hints of disco. They captured it all in analog recording and masterful production. Their newest offering A Stranger’s Daydream is what I would describe as alternative-rock-with-folky-flamenco-style-guitar-embellishments set to a catchy dare-you-not-to-dance beat.

While their musical taste may bend and blend the more visible lines of genre and style, one thing is for sure. Max and Mitchell Bell’s work feels deeply authentic, genuine in its love for music, and clearly committed to the excellence which comes from long and faithful hours in the studio, perfecting nuances of sound. What I love best about A Stranger’s Daydream is the free and playful (and just plain capable) acoustic, Spanish-style guitar breakouts sprinkled generously into the eclectic electronic backdrop. It’s unusual. In a refreshing way. The youthful, folky warmth of the brothers’ vocal delivery makes the listener feel close, welcomed, and invited to come closer.

Love the song and looking forward to hearing more from Blue Sails.