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Rattling Chains by Laura Reznek

Another UK gem, singer-songwriter Laura Reznek works her mesmerizing magic in her newest release Rattling Chains. I found myself captivated by the fluid, soothing rhythms of the finger-plucked acoustic guitar and Reznek’s spellbinding vocal work. There’s an introspection and intimacy in her vocal delivery that totally draws me in. In to her. Or in to deeper parts of me.

As I come closer, there is a delightful fluttering of violin, like the eyelash kisses I give my daughter at bedtime. Then soft, muted touches on the piano are sprinkled into the textures. The classical/chamber pop features of the instrumentation add a quietly dazzling vulnerability and movement, yet the anchoring of the acoustic guitar and the steady percussion beats keep the ambiance rooted in its folk flavors.

There’s soul and spirit in the work here. I can feel it. The lyrics are reflective, full of imagery and story. Rattled Chains emerged from an experience of a January storm in a small island cottage. The wind became to Reznek like the voice and feel of an overprotective parent. You’ll hear the voice of fear and protection weaving in and out of the song, with the rich textures of the instrumentation sounding a soft and haunting warning.

Don’t walk at night darling

you’ll get lost

and what would I do

when you can’t see?

I can’t see for you.

When you hurt darling

I do too.

Do as I say, do as I say, do as I say

Over and over again.

Reznek seems not only to possess a talent with music and her own vocal chords, but with the art of intuition and the study of humanity.