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Bats in the Attic by Vincent & the Noise

Anything but noise, new Indie pop single Bats in the Attic by Vincent and the Noise is just what the world needs right now. It’s light, it’s happy, it’s everything that a global Pandemic is not. Bats in the Attic has been described as “wrapping the listener in a warm and euphoric sense of home and safety despite a world full of turmoil.” And that is just what it is. 

Compared to Vampire Weekend meeting the Beach Boys, frontman Daniel Vincent leads the composition and self-production of this mild and warm, happily-ever-after tune. Soft and downright pleasant acoustic guitars, light and airy touches on the piano, and sunny melodies on the synthesizer remind you of nostalgic days gone by and happy days ahead. The tune is lulling in its subdued and steady percussion beat; and Vincent’s own genuine, All-American Boy vocal goodness and Beach Boy backup harmonies remind us that the world is still a good place somewhere.