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Never a Straight Line by The Clever References

Here’s a smooth shot of adrenaline coming to you from Australian Indie-Rock/Post-Punk band The Clever References. Their latest single Never a Straight Line is everything you hope for in a post-punk sound: rapid and heart-stopping percussion moves, swift and intense electric guitar lines widening out into a rock chorus, and the hopeful, optimistic energy of a youthful vocal lead. 

Formed in Melbourne in 2019, the band consists of three musicians: Wednesday Ash (vox/guitar), Mélisande Ricou (bass) and Evan Keith (percussion). Though only three, there’s a cohesion and chemistry in their sound that’s downright infectious. Known and loved Down Under for their fun, energetic and light-hearted live performances, even the recording of Never a Straight Line infuses us with some of that energy. 

Even if you’re not a regular lover of punk anything, The Clever References will satisfy your need for an energetic-but-not-overwhelming punk addition to your Driving Home From Work TGIF playlist.