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With six years of electronic play, creativity and experimentation, American Bedroom-Pop, Lofi-Lover Manuel Joseph Walker (known as Foliage) presents us with his first single off his fifth LP. 

Only one hundred seconds from start to finish, Better Man is a tasty appetizer into the wonderful world of Bedroom Pop. It’s a compelling ride at fast but not frightening speeds, where the musical scenery keeps changing. Smooth, crisp and groovy guitar lines drive overtop a softer acoustic backdrop. The percussion is anything but stagnant. Just when we settle in, Foliage masterfully turns the corner into rhythm changes or the light, optimistic inflections of a lightly jangling tambourine. 


The tempo may be fast but the mood is not quite upbeat. The vocals are self-reflective and emotive in both lyricism and style. Manuel’s surprisingly and pleasantly agile voice moves in and out flawlessly and fluidly from range to range, dipped in moments of subdued harmonies, taking us along for the ride. The overall effect is sensitive but not sentimental, and will leave you wishing for another hundred seconds.
If you love a good Lofi experience, you may want to keep an ear out for Foliage.