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Breathe by Rasmus Nelausen

”Breathe” is the result of a period where the young singer, songwriter and guitarist had several encounters with anxiety and panic attacks, experiences that left their marks.

What should have been a cosy night out ended with tears and troubled breathing.

”What’s going on? What is this? I had no idea where it came from or why but suddenly I was in the middle of it.”

After the episode, Rasmus Nelausen wrote the song ”Breathe” as a part of the healing process and one of the hopes for the song is to get people to talk to each other and open up about the things that aren’t always comfortable to talk about.

”You can’t run from it. It’s a part of you and you have to accept that, in order to be able to cope with it. And it’s so important to talk to someone about it. Everytime you say it out loud, you gain a little bit of control.”

”Breathe” is the first single from Rasmus Nelausens forthcoming debut album ‘September Weather’ and was chosen as the leadsingle, due to the story behind.

‘I might as well throw it out there from the start, all cards on the table. We are all carrying on darkness and this is mine. But if we open up it might get a little lighter.’

The single is produced and published in collaboration with the copenhagen based indie-label Oak Mountain Black Swamp.

Featured on the single is Rasmus Nelausen (vocal, guitar), Mikkel Nelausen (bass), Andreas Gyvlgaard Nielsen (drums, perc.) and Kristian Bjerglund Pedersen (synth)