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Disarm Me by Sad Alex

these are songs you’ll probably never hear, and I’m not saying that as some cute thing to grasp your attention, that is just the fact of the matter…

they’ll never get some big fancy premiere, or have a beautiful expensive video attached to them. they will probably never get uploaded to a big playlist or be heard on the radio. and honestly that’s fine, you have no reason to care about these. there’s a folder on my computer though, and it’s cleverly titled “songs you will probably never hear” because I know that they’ll never come out. i hate that because they were definitely made from a real place, and they meant something, and they felt good, and they still do, for me at least.

so that’s that, i’m putting them out. and I could tell you how they weren’t written for anyone other than myself but that would be a lie, they were written for someone else. and just like you, these are songs he’ll probably never hear.