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Chasing The Night by Axel Flóvent

A Haunting Quest for Unreachable Satisfaction

Released amidst the quiet of the pre-dawn, “Chasing The Night” by Axel Flóvent emerges as a haunting narrative that delves deep into the relentless pursuit of an ever-elusive satisfaction. With its release on March 15, 2024, by Nettwerk Music Group, this song intertwines the fibers of indie folk and indie pop with strands of pop rock, weaving a complex tapestry that mirrors the tumultuous journey of its creation.

Axel Flóvent, hailing from the serene Northern fishing village of Húsavík, has long been a purveyor of emotions through his music. “Chasing The Night” stands as a testament to this, echoing the sentiments of artists like Hayden Calnin, Ásgeir, Jon Bryant, and Portair. Yet, it carves its unique path through the indie music landscape, much like Flóvent’s journey from the icy shores of Iceland to the vibrant scenes of Amsterdam and Brighton.

A Dance with Stubborn Shadows

The track is a chilling narrative spun around the stubbornness of pursuing something that never seems to fulfill, no matter the effort poured into it. Flóvent describes the song as a reflection on the vicious cycle of working tirelessly on something that remains perpetually unsatisfying. This relentless pursuit, shadowed by a deep-seated dissatisfaction, becomes a metaphorical chase through the night – seeking a dawn that seems just beyond reach.

Produced by MyRiot, the song is infused with dream pop elements that elevate its indie folk roots, creating an eclectic sound that is both ethereal and grounded. The production brings to life the introspective lyrics and Flóvent’s emotive delivery, encapsulating the essence of chasing shadows in the night, hoping to find light.

An Artistic Journey Reflected in Sound

Axel Flóvent’s artistic journey mirrors the themes of “Chasing The Night”. From his early days recording the ‘Forest Fires EP’ under the influences of Bon Iver and Bombay Bicycle Club, to his explorations in Amsterdam and Brighton, and eventually returning to his roots in Iceland, Flóvent’s music has always been a reflection of his surroundings and internal explorations.

His debut album ‘You Stay by the Sea’ and the subsequent collaborative projects showcase a maturity and depth that have only grown over time. “Chasing The Night” adds another layer to this evolving narrative, offering listeners a glimpse into the artist’s relentless pursuit of artistic satisfaction and the beauty found in the process, no matter how elusive the end may seem.