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Corduroy by Memorial

A Warm Embrace of Indie Folk

In the realm of indie folk, it’s rare to stumble upon a song that encapsulates the essence of sheer, unadulterated joy and companionship as adeptly as Memorial’s latest single, “Corduroy.” Released on January 24th through Real Kind Records, the brainchild of Lucy Rose, this track marks a significant moment for the acclaimed alt-folk duo, Ollie Spalding and Jack Watts, known collectively as Memorial. Their return to the music scene with “Corduroy” is not just a continuation of their musical journey but a deep dive into the nuances of indie folk, delivering a sound that resonates with the warmth of a sunlit day spent in good company.

Musical Composition and Lyrical Depth

“Corduroy” picks up where Memorial left off with their self-titled debut album, embracing a warm and tender acoustic-led aesthetic. The track is a testament to the duo’s ability to craft songs that are as inviting as they are reflective, with vocals that envelop the listener in a sonic hug. The accompanying music video, directed by Jake Dypka and filmed in the picturesque outskirts of Port Talbot in Maesteg, adds a visual layer to the song’s narrative, capturing the beauty of simplicity and the joy of togetherness.

The song itself is an ode to the ephemeral nature of perfect days – those rare, unplanned moments that fill our lives with joy and leave us yearning for more. According to Memorial, “Corduroy is the actualisation of a feeling,” a celebration of those days when everything falls into place, and the world seems to pause in harmony.

Cultural and Musical Influences

Drawing comparisons to the harmonious blend of Simon & Garfunkel and the intricate compositions of Sufjan Stevens, Memorial has carved out a niche for themselves in the indie folk landscape. Their music, as noted by critics and fans alike, is a brass-flecked heartbreaker that manages to strike a delicate balance between nostalgia and novelty. This blend of influences, combined with their unique musical chemistry, sets Memorial apart in a crowded field.

The duo’s friendship, the bedrock of their musical collaboration, shines through in their songwriting and performances. It’s this genuine connection that imbues their music with authenticity and emotional depth, making “Corduroy” not just a song, but a shared experience.