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daydreamers by TENDER

A Luminous Return to Indie Electronica

In the realm of indie music, few acts have the capacity to blend emotional depth with captivating soundscapes quite like TENDER. Their latest single, “Daydreamers,” released on January 19, 2024, by Nettwerk Music Group, stands as a testament to their evolving artistry and deepened narrative prowess. This track not only marks a significant moment in the duo’s career—celebrating five years since their second record—but also signifies the beginning of a new, eagerly awaited musical journey.

“Daydreamers” emerges as a love anthem for the modern age, encapsulating the all-encompassing nature of devotion. With a soundscape enriched by bouncing grooves, pitched-up vocal samples, and an infectious funk bassline, the song invites listeners into a realm of romantic reverie. James Cullen’s plaintive vocals anchor the track, delivering lines like “You don’t have to love me every single day / Just love me when it matters and baby I’m okay” with a sincerity that resonates deeply.

The duo, consisting of London/Brighton-based James Cullen and Dan Cobb, have crafted a single that mirrors the complexities of contemporary relationships—highlighting an all-consuming love that’s as beautiful as it is simple. The track’s brilliance lies not just in its lyrical content but in its meticulous production, which blends elements of indie electronic, chillwave, and alternative/indie R&B, drawing parallels to artists like Glass Animals, Air, and Jungle.

TENDER’s journey since their breakout has been one of exploration and expansion. From the soul-baring candour of their debut, “Modern Addiction,” which garnered acclaim for its vibrant and entrancing sound, to the success of “Nadir” with nearly 75 million streams, the duo has consistently pushed the boundaries of their sound. “Daydreamers” is no exception, offering a lush, immersive listening experience that underscores TENDER’s mastery over their craft.

The song not only sets a high bar for the band’s upcoming album but also reassures fans that the wait will be well worth it. Written throughout the pandemic, the album promises to delve into the personal journeys of Cullen and Cobb, reflecting their growth as artists and individuals. The duo’s transition from guitar roots to electronic-based soundscapes, now enriched with world music influences and diverse samples, showcases an evolved “TENDER sound” that remains as distinct and impactful as ever.