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Bailey Crone is the visionary behind the progressive dream pop project, Bathe Alone. Curbside, her latest release has a fanciful mood, it builds with tight percussive vibes and the dirty fuzz guitar groove. The ambiance is really expanded with the verb, that just soaks the entire project.

This is the heaviest and grungiest single Bathe Alone has released to date, but I am really excited to hear more in this style. The track showcases a nice punch, that pushes the track almost effortlessly alongside her muted and melancholic vocal.

She shares that the track is both a reflection on a literal skateboard accident that left her battered and bruised (amongst other injuries) as well as a metaphorical representation of a challenge that needs to be overcome in order to be successful in life. Bailey uses such inspired and poetic imagery to depict this balance of challenge and overcoming.