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Dream You Better by Lyrah

There’s an undeniable magnetism to San Francisco’s ethereal charm, one that often calls out to the hearts of many who’ve once called it home. For producer and electronic/pop songwriter Lyrah, this enchantment became the core of her new single “Dream You Better.” As the latest offering from her exquisite repertoire, the track stands as a poignant reminiscence of her time in the city, echoing the haunting beauty she once embraced.

Lyrah’s love for San Francisco transpires beautifully in “Dream You Better.” The track weaves a narrative of the city’s allure, from the iconic bridge veiled in a blanket of fog to the radiant skyline atop Potrero Hill. Her words, filled with nostalgia, paint a vivid picture of those chilly evenings spent in the embrace of friends, the city lights gleaming as they reveled until the wee hours of the morning.

However, it isn’t just the memory of place that stirs emotions in this song. With a bittersweet tinge, Lyrah recalls the transformation of San Francisco as old friends moved on and the familiar landscape shifted. There’s an underlying theme of change and the ephemeral nature of moments, a sentiment that’s poignantly captured as she muses on her walks through the city, now laden with vivid flashbacks of a time gone by.

This isn’t the first time Lyrah has masterfully played with emotions. Her songs are a brilliant tapestry of feelings, where nostalgia and heartbreak often dance on the upbeat rhythms of her tracks. It’s this unique juxtaposition that has garnered her acclaim and recognition. From her early days crafting toplines for Axtone Records, under the helm of the renowned Swedish DJ/Producer Axwell, Lyrah has carved a niche for herself. Venturing solo, her melodies have resonated with listeners globally, finding pride of place on popular playlists like Spotify’s “Fresh Finds”, Tidal’s “Pop Somber”, and Apple Music’s playlists “Vibes” and “Nightcap”. Moreover, her ability to strike a chord has landed her tracks on HBO’s “The Sex Lives of College Girls” and “Charmed”, amplifying her presence in the entertainment sphere.

Yet, Lyrah’s talents aren’t limited to her musical prowess. Venturing into the dynamic world of web3, she’s been instrumental in pioneering tools for artists. Her ingenuity was displayed in the Record Deal Simulator, a tool that went viral, showcasing her knack for innovation. Currently, she’s weaving her creative magic into an experience for Grimes and a groundbreaking contract tool aimed at artists, marking her stamp in realms beyond music.

As listeners drift along the melody in “Dream You Better,” they too might find themselves lost in their memories, taking a walk down their personal lanes of nostalgia, all thanks to the evocative genius of Lyrah.