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Fade by Eric Vattima

Eric Vattima is an Alternative RnB/HipHop artist originally from Las Vegas, Nevada, that is currently based in Nashville, TN. Raised on a blend of Blues, Rock, and Soul, He uses these influences collectively in order to create music that balances smooth sounds with gritty tone.

Everyone has fears. Some of mine reflect in the lyrics. The further you move along as a musician, the idea of staying relevant plagues the back of your mind. Artists are like gold, because as our relevance fades in the public eye, we lose our voice and get buried as a fad of whatever year we get chalked up to. That same concept applies to everyday life as we figure out what life has planned for us.

This song pulls elements of live, gritty rock, with synths of New Alt, and I feel like it captures the newer sounds similar to artists like Highly Suspect and grandson, while staying true to the drive of Alt Rock.