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Bo Milli has done it again with her new single “FOMO”. Bo Milli, the Norway-based rising star, has co-produced her latest release with Mikhael Paskalev (Sløtface) and Odd Martin (Sigrid, AURORA). Bo Milli successfully captures the surreality of modern young adulthood with her sharp lyricism and eclectic indie rock.

The song opens with Bo Milli’s witty commentary on the feeling of being ignored, delivered in a relatable yet clever way. Bo Milli effortlessly explores themes of digital-obsession and social anxiety throughout “FOMO” that many can identify with. Bo Milli’s lyrics are honest and brutally self-aware, which adds to the charm of the song.

The instrumentation on “FOMO” is quite remarkable as it blends different genres of music together in a unique way; Bo Milli masterfully combines indie rock with some electronic elements that give the track an extra layer of depth. Bo Milli’s new single is sure to be a hit amongst her fans and listeners, who will no doubt appreciate Bo Milli’s ingenious mix of musical styles and introspective lyricism.

All in all, Bo Milli has once again proved herself to be one of Norway’s most talented rising stars with her new single “FOMO”.