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Get to You by Caleb Hurst

Caleb Hurst’s new solo version of “Get to You” is a remarkable piece of indie art-pop music. The track, which was originally written by Hurst and Ricky Montgomery for their former band The Honeysticks, showcases Hurst’s impressive skills as a producer, writer, and multi-instrumentalist. The song was shelved for months until Hurst’s former bandmate Ricky Montgomery encouraged him to finish it, and the result is a stunning piece of music that is both soulful and otherworldly.

Drawing influences from the likes of Björk, Radiohead, James Blake, and Frank Ocean, Hurst’s sound is a unique blend of digital and analog elements that is at once familiar and yet entirely his own. His voice is haunting and soulful, and his production skills are second to none. The track features layers of atmospheric synths, glitchy beats, and haunting vocals that combine to create a sense of otherworldly beauty that is hard to resist.

The lyrics of “Get to You” are also worth noting, as they speak to the universal desire to connect with others on a deeper level. Hurst sings about the struggle to find love and acceptance in a world that can often feel cold and isolating, and his words are both poetic and relatable.

Overall, “Get to You” is an impressive piece of indie art-pop that showcases Caleb Hurst’s considerable talents as a musician, producer, and songwriter. Fans of Björk, Radiohead, and James Blake will find much to love in this track, and it’s sure to win Hurst many new fans as well. Highly recommended.