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Gone South by Bridge Dog

The warm hues from Sydney, Australia permeate this poetic piece of Dream Pop from Bridge Dog. From the first notes of the guitar and the light, almost shy entrance of the lead vocals in this track Gone South, I had the sensation of stepping barefoot into warm, clear, salty water. I can see my toes. Gone South invites us to pause into a moment; a moment of introspection to consider the dynamics of a relationship.

The lead vocals are sweetly feminine, with a kind of wistful wholesomeness that feels like we’re dipping into Twee. But then the guitars. Soft, dreamy hues are blended unexpectedly with grittier guitar expressions. I really love it. It’s both soft and sweet, raw and real all at the same time.

So I was in the process of falling in love with the atmosphere, the instrumentation, the quality of the vocal delivery; but what seals the deal, in the end, are the lyrics. It’s a kind of mesmerizing stream-of-consciousness telling of a relationship. It’s the free-flowing, uninhibited effort to find words, a description– of who you are, of how I experience you, and of who I am because of you. It feels genuine, introspective, and climbs into moments of poetry. It’s a song that is one question.

I’ve been passing days

Wondering when things fell out of place

But you’re preoccupied

You can’t see that I’m caught up in a tide

How come you’re not around

When the days start getting cold?

Do the birds flying south

Remind you it’s time to head back home?

Gone South is the lead single of Bridge Dog‘s debut EP Going South.