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Dear Rouge, Vacouver Indie Pop Band New Song Gimme Spirit

Gimme Spirit by Dear Rouge

Released by Pheromone Recordings, Gimme Spirit is a striking new single from West Coast sultans, Dear Rouge. The energy is captivating an drives in all the right places.

Gimme Spirit is a caustic cry to breath life into the hearts and minds of all who are pushing forward through what some may feel is a more uncertain future that ever before.

Danielle McTaggart, lead singer and one-half of this duo pushes the envelope and transfers a warriors heart into the vocal delivery.

“We wrote this song in a time of uncertainty and fear of the future. The lyric that stuck was “take me back to why we started in the first place”. We felt this sense that if we could remember the whole reason and core desire to make this record, then the heart and passion would just come. We just knew it was special; this song brings us hope, and ended up being the title track for the album.”

Danielle McTaggart