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Departure by Clear Coast

Immersed in vintage synths and saturated with layer upon layer of sound, German music project Clear Coast offers a compelling first single off their newest EP. Lovers of the synthpop, new wave flavors of New Order and Depeche Mode might discover a new romance with Clear Coast.

Departure is a depiction, in word and sound, of nostalgia. Vintage synths singing light, repetitive melodies seem to invite a kind of rumination. Departure narrates a character looking back with longing on his past, wishing to return, yet with hope and anticipation of what is yet undiscovered in the future. It’s not a moody, melancholy nostalgia. The bright synthesized melodies emote a youthful lightness that picks us up and sweeps us away into happy, yet un-relivable, memories. And that is kind of sad.

The bass beat and tempo drive the song forward, hinting at the romantic and idealistic tones we knew of 80s synthpop. The depth and quality of the male lead vocals pull us to the alternative, grittier flavors of present-day Indie tones that get me reaching for my playlist add. When I hear Departure, there’s nothing I want more than to take a long drive on a rainy night, reminiscing on the warm things of old, the wipers on the wet windshield moving back and forth to the beat.

A further reason to become a fan of Clear Coast, the German band is comprised of three buddies who have been making and releasing music together for at least the past three years. The band writes, produces, and records all of their own work. Genuine, authentic, kick-ass Indie.

Departure is the lead single from Clear Coast‘s second EP, which will be fully released this summer of 2022. If you’re in the neighborhood, watch for live performances in the works for this summer and fall.