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Hear My Call by volléstad

A Tribute That Resonates Beyond the Beats

In the world of electronic dance music (EDM), few tracks make as poignant a statement as “Hear My Call” by volléstad. Released just two days ago, this song stands as a heartfelt homage to the late Avicii, whose influence on volléstad and the EDM scene at large is both profound and enduring. As volléstad weaves together energetic beats with chill undertones and a touch of melancholy, the song emerges as a multifaceted tribute that does more than just mirror Avicii’s style—it revitalizes it for a new generation.

Hailing from the scenic west coast of Norway, volléstad’s musical journey is as diverse as the landscapes of his homeland. From his early days experimenting with a variety of instruments to his deep dive into the realms of EDM, influenced by giants like Calvin Harris and deadmau5, volléstad’s path has been one of constant evolution. Yet, it was Avicii’s genius that truly lit the way, inspiring him to blend emotive melodies with compelling rhythms in tracks like “Hear My Call.”

Volléstad’s dedication to capturing the essence of Avicii’s music while infusing his own unique flavor is evident in every beat of “Hear My Call.” Drawing inspiration from iconic tracks like “My Feelings for You” and “Addicted to You,” volléstad crafts a sonic experience that pays homage to Avicii’s timeless melodies. This song is not just a tribute; it’s a testament to the enduring power of music to inspire and connect, echoing Avicii’s impact on fans and fellow artists alike.

In “Hear My Call,” volléstad does more than just pay tribute to a musical legend. He invites listeners on a journey that transcends mere sound, offering a beacon of inspiration for the future of EDM. Through this track, volléstad not only honors Avicii’s legacy but also signals his own rise as a force in the music world, promising to inspire generations just as Avicii inspired him.