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I lie by pleaselevitate

Submerged in Shadows: The Ethereal Journey Through "I lie"

pleaselevitate’s newest synthpop creation, “I lie,” emerges like a dream woven from the threads of twilight. It’s a song that feels both intimate and expansive, capturing the essence of indie pop while flirting with the echoes of post-punk. Yulia’s vocals, a beacon of ethereal light, paired with Chinmay’s (A3ON) production, guide us through a soundscape that’s as haunting as it is beautiful.

Drawing comparisons to the emotive power of girl in red, “I lie” stands out as a testament to the nuanced artistry of pleaselevitate. This artist duo, having captured our hearts with their debut “In the Dark,” delves deeper into the human psyche with their latest offering. The song is a labyrinth of emotion, where yearning and deceit cast long shadows, and the spectre of self-doubt lurks around every corner.

Yulia’s voice, a delicate yet potent force, weaves through the melody, carrying words that cut to the core. The song’s lyrical prowess lies in its raw honesty, as it explores the fragile line between truth and lies. The refrain, “every time I feel like I should die, but don’t believe me ’cause I lie,” serves as a haunting echo of the song’s central theme: the inner turmoil and conflict that come with concealing one’s true feelings.

The musical arrangement of “I lie” complements its lyrical depth with a blend of melancholic synths and uplifting beats, creating a dynamic tension that mirrors the song’s exploration of emotional extremes. This balance between melancholy and euphoria invites listeners to a unique auditory experience, where the dance of light and shadow plays out in every note.

pleaselevitate has crafted a piece that transcends the conventional boundaries of synthpop and indie pop, embedding elements of post-punk into the fabric of “I lie.” This fusion not only showcases the duo’s versatility but also their ability to evoke a profound emotional response through their music.