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Hell No by Varas

Varas’ new track ‘Hell No’ is a simplistic indie track that highlights the singer’s vocal range, which alternates between distorted and captivating to smooth and buttery vocals. The song tells the tale of avoiding responsibilities and enjoying the highlights, easy-going days, and weekends. Varas sings, “I can’t stay for the hell of it / I’m just here for the weekend love / I try leaving but you keep saying no / Oh no, hell no,” conveying a sense of rebellion and carefree attitude.

The track features a mix of indie rock and dreamy pop elements, which showcases Varas’ ability to alternate between genres seamlessly. The song’s disorderly nature, combined with Varas’ rampant energy and raw sound, adds to the rebellious and carefree vibe of the track.

Overall, ‘Hell No’ is a promising addition to Varas’ upcoming EP, and fans of alternative and indie music are sure to enjoy the song’s infectious energy.

Varas, whose real name is Benjamin Muñoz Varas, is a self-taught producer, singer, and songwriter who is making waves in the contemporary indie scene. At just 25 years old, Varas has already established himself as a promising artist with a unique expression combining catchy melodies and an aesthetic that syncs well with Gen-Z.

Born with Chilean roots, Varas grew up in a small town called Götene in Sweden. He was introduced to Led Zeppelin at 12 by his father, who worked as a choreographer and dancer in various musicals. From a young age, Varas desired to be on stage, and he began playing guitar to express himself.

Varas’ music deals in short, solid, almost-pop songs but with unexpected twists and influences from various genres, including classic 70s rock, punk, hip-hop, jazz, and soul. His signature sound reflects his multifaceted artistic vision, with references ranging from Queen to Rolling Stones to Tyler, the Creator and Pharrell Williams.

In ‘Hell No,’ Varas’ ability to seamlessly alternate between genres is evident, with the track featuring a mix of indie rock and dreamy pop elements that add to the rebellious and carefree vibe of the song. The infectious energy of the track, combined with Varas’ raw sound and rampant energy, is sure to appeal to fans of alternative and indie music and cement his place as a rising star in the music industry.