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Sayed Sabrina

Home is in Your Head by Sayed Sabrina

This is a very cool track from Sayed Sabrina. The horns are tight, nice slippery kit that really rides in the pocket. Vocally Sayed Sabrina is over the top. The best part of this tune is the trombonists Sarah Morrow, so smooth and balanced.

The backbeat breaks out into a reggae jam around the 2 min. mark. Very cool. Honestly, I was wondering just how tired Sayed’s vocals must be as she continually climbs up and down literally all over this tune.

Sayed Sabrina is a native Angeleño who, during the 1980s, was part of the L.A. punk rock scene.  Living on the streets of Hollywood, spending time in group homes and juvenile hall, and eventually becoming a teenage mother – Sayed Sabrina learned how the music industry AND the world worked.

She later made a name for herself and found acceptance in the blues community with her previous release “Big Boy Blues,” a huge international success and is currently in its 3rd printing – Eventually playing on the same bill as B.B. King, Los Lobos, Jimmy Cliff, Dr. John, Leon Russell, The Temptations, The Motels to name a few. 

However, Sayed Sabrina doesn’t claim to be a blues singer – “More like a singer that knows what it’s like to have the blues. I like emotionally driven music.”