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Blue Hour by Laurent Bourque

Super smooth vocal; this track is the perfect lounge tune. I appreciate the entire sound. Great thick backing bass, subtle and tight percussion. I really look forward to more from Laurent. The build-up through to the 2min. mark is really exceptional.


After touring his 2014 debut album, Pieces of Your Past, which won him Canada’s Stingray Rising Star Award, Laurent Bourque decided to put the brakes on and rethink his approach to songwriting. During this creative ennui, Laurent was introduced to the idea of co-writing upon his relocation to Toronto in 2017. Collaboration would be the creative key to the material in his upcoming album, Blue Hour.

Blue Hour is twilight’s shining moment of natural, unwrinkled radiance. A mellow and vibrant hue that casts itself atop of landscapes, skylines and people going about their lives. As portrayed in Laurent’s words and melodies, Blue hour is an uninhibited reminder to stop and take in what’s beautiful as it happens