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Hypnotised by Izzie Naylor

Hypnotised is a song about having a crush or having someone on your mind, you don’t know why but suddenly you’re totally infatuated with this person and it’s a bit overwhelming. It could be about those first moments of a relationship, whether that be romantic or platonic, or even when you find a new artist and become obsessed with their music, it’s just when you think someone is the most amazing person and you can’t get them out of your head. Hypnotised was written when I had terrible writers block and I just wanted to write something fast, so in about half an hour the whole thing was written and then sent over to Blake Richardson (of New Hope Club) to be produced.

Izzie Naylor is an up and coming unsigned artist from Manchester, UK. She uses soft vocals and minimalistic guitar parts to write catchy alt-pop songs, as well as collaborating with Blake Richardson of New Hope Club to produce exciting music and a new sonic identity. The first song Izzie will be releasing will be ‘Hypnotised’ which is upbeat yet dreamy, and has already been featured on BBC Introducing in Manchester.