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margot by Western Haikus

In the landscape of shoegaze—a genre often defined by its lush, layered soundscapes and ethereal vocals—it’s not easy for a band to forge a distinct identity. Enter Western Haikus, the Omaha-based outfit that’s quietly making waves in the scene, and their latest offering, “margot,” proves they’re not just another reverb-drenched act. This isn’t merely a song; it’s a sonic mural that seizes your senses and refuses to let go.

Much like its shoegaze ancestors My Bloody Valentine and contemporaries like Whirr, “margot” doesn’t just present a wall of sound—it’s more like a labyrinth. Distortion reigns supreme, but there’s a kind of controlled chaos at play. The instrumental backdrop is a storm, yet the eye of this hurricane is the restrained vocals that provide a haunting counterpoint to the tempestuous musical elements surrounding them.

What distinguishes Western Haikus from their peers is perhaps the sense of paradox they masterfully weave into their music. “margot” offers a blend of sonic aggression with a kind of introverted emotionality, a blend that reminds me of acts like Glare and Sword II. This isn’t a song you listen to passively; it demands your engagement, asks you to get lost in its intricate layers and find something—anything—that resonates with you.

The production value of “margot” does justice to the genre’s intricate and complex demands. Every swirling guitar, every nuanced vocal inflection is captured and framed perfectly within this swirling vortex of sound. Yet for all its complexities, the song remains accessible, like a cryptic poem that invites multiple readings but never alienates its audience.

“margot” invites you to lose yourself and find yourself in its depths, to explore the dichotomies that lie at the very heart of the shoegaze genre—introspection and expanse, simplicity and complexity, melancholy and exhilaration. It’s an eloquent reminder that the genre has much more to say, much more to explore. And Western Haikus are clearly ready to lead that expedition. So go ahead, dive into “margot.” But be prepared—you might come out the other side a little transformed.