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Megaton by Munky

This track is very dark, a lulling bass groove begins to take the listener down a chaotic rabbit hole that culminates in a fantastically melodic rock riff and sudo-screaming vocal.

Megatron by Munky, New Single artwork

The vocals are exceptionally bright, balancing on the line just before over-aggression. Dynamically Munky has a good balance. There are some similarities to early Tool records, at least in the changes and progression, not the guitar tone.

Ultimately I’m diggin’ this new track and looking forward to more.

From the Band: Produced by Dan Doherty (Fontaines D.C, Somebody’s Child), Megaton is the new single from Irish band Munky. It fuses elements of funk, disco with dark noisey post-punk and alt rock.

We tried to create an irresistible groove with a unnerving sonic wallpaper.


The song deals with themes of guilt, shame, murder and ecological disaster, set to a post-apocalyptic backdrop.

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