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Very eclectic and poised release by Djunah. Their new album is being released Nov. 1st, and this is the new single from that album. Nurse and Nun is an aggressive offering, long-drawn almost spoken word vocal, the instrumentation is great, aggressive and strong out of the gate.

Ex Voto is a full-force barrage of emotional expressions of deep pain, intense sexuality, and personal and political power. Diane’s voice frequently shifts from throat-wrenched whispers to explosive ranting, the melodic line often warping under the weight of her words. Composed of Donna Diane (ex-frontwoman of Beat Drun Juel) and is rounded out by drummer Nick Smalkowski, a veteran heavy hitter from acclaimed acts like Arctic Sleep and Fake Limbs, who’s also a drum maker who handmade the stave kit he uses. Known for her raw, aggressive performance style, Donna pulls triple duty in Djunah, simultaneously playing guitar, singing, and pulverizing on a massive-sounding Moog bass organ with her feet (seriously, watch this live video to see what a force of nature she is!).