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Grizzly Bear Live Show 2018

Painted Ruins by Grizzly Bear

Two years in the making, Painted Ruins is a capstone to a wonderful rise Grizzly Bear is making within the indie music scene. A follow up to their 2012 album Shields ( which I also love!) Painted Ruins was released in August 2017 by RCA.

The album was produced by band member Chris Taylor, and recorded at Allaire Studios in New York. Some subsequent recording and production was also done at Terrible Studios in LA.

Grizzly Bear formed in 2002 in Brooklyn NY. Members include: Chrisopher Bear (drums), Edward Droste (vocals), Daniel Rossen (guitar), Chris Taylor (bass). Hailed by Jonny Greenwood (Radiohead guitarist) as his favorite band, Grizzly Bear opened for Radiohead on the second leg of their North American tour in 2008, coming off the release of their album the Veckatimest.

The band incorporates many electronic or sequenced parts to help deliver their sound. Using some lush vocal harmonies the album is very much still an indie-folk-rock album. Ultimately, Painted Ruins is a very interesting listen, one that keeps you on edge looking for the next break down, the next harmony, the next interesting use of some obscure instrumentation. All of this is done so well, the band is tight, the delivery is tighter. The compositions of each song are quite intricate, and really beautiful. The album feels more like a tightly woven tapestry that you would sit a stare at for hours.

I love their approach and really do think they are doing a fantastic job offering exceptionally interesting tracks that offer much to a listener looking to melt away a weekday evening listening to some rich vinyl.

Personally I would pair this with a blended whiskey, perhaps a glass of Haig Dimple 15 year, or for those of you that aren’t budget conscious, seek out the Suntory Hibiki 21 Year.

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