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Plastic & Pearl by Sad Girls Aquatics Club

“Plastic & Pearl”, a powerful single from Sad Girls Aquatics Club, paints a poignant picture of humanity: where art is the lone bridge connecting us in an increasingly shallow landscape filled with glossy consumerism.

This dramatic duo from Pittsburgh took advantage of secluded moments and bravely recorded this song during a snowy winter storm at a cabin deep within the woods – embodying heartache and highlighting how much courage it takes to make art that speaks true. “Plastic & Pearl”, is an emotive synth-filled song infused with a unique blend of styles that draw from the best in contemporary pop – ethereal tones akin to Caroline Polachek, Faye Webster, and Chromatics; bubbly energy similar to Carly Rae Jepsen and Caroline Rose; plus hypnotic undertones found in Broadcast’s music.

Don’t miss out on their upcoming album “Easier,” set to drop February 24th 2023 as they follow up 2018’s release “Vodkawine”.