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SWIM SWEET UNDER SHALLOW is a musical duo from Japan that draws inspiration from 90s music, specifically bands like My Bloody Valentine, Radiohead, and Ride, as well as newer indie acts like Alvvays and Lucy Dacus. Their music blends vintage and modern shoegaze sounds in a unique way.

It is worth noting that the duo not only writes their own songs but also manages the recording and mastering processes on their own. This showcases their immense passion and dedication towards their craft.

The track “Rufu” immerses the listener in the classic shoegaze wall of sound. It is a dreamy, hazy piece that gradually builds an ethereal soundscape. The catchy and melodious vocals blend seamlessly with the dynamic instrumentation, providing a refreshingly unique take on the genre.

I believe that SWIM SWEET UNDER SHALLOW has the potential to bring a unique and refreshing sound to the shoegaze genre. Their commitment and genuineness are apparent through their independent writing and production of all their music. I am excited to listen to more of their creations in the upcoming days.