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Shadow of a Doubt by Crystal Cities

Crystal Cities hits us up with another track, Shadow of a Doubt. The Sydney 3-piece is one of our favorite rock outfits of late, and they consistently write energetic, and well-balanced tunes. In fact, the driving energy is reminiscent of Don’t Speak Too Soon which we reviewed after its release in August.

Geoff Rana describes the song as a story of his being denied entry to the US (missed the Entertainment VISA) and got left in the cold Canadian city of Toronto… I assume it was cold, Canada Eh? All that to say Rana was left with some time on his hands to process life and music and his next move, Shadow of a Doubt is that process.

“We’re exploring the darker side of our human nature on this one… Something we all need to make friends with at some point…”

– Jared King (bass/backing vocals)

The song builds on a driving guitar that has eerie similarities to 80s Dream pop bands and punchy alt rock groups. Rana’s vocal cadence is clean and deliberate, his eager rock edge is prevalent, but restrained with a smooth cool delivery.